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Let’s get you
in a home.

Seeing the excitement on a first-time homebuyer’s face when they hold those keys in their hands for the first time is truly what lights my fire.  The home-buying process can seem daunting, but I am here to hold your hand each step of the way so that anxiety won’t keep you up at night.  Home ownership is a key aspect of the American Dream and you should feel at ease making the largest financial decision of your life!

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Meet with a Real Estate Professional
Your home buying journey begins with your real estate professional. Your agent will discuss your wants and needs when talking about a home. Your agent will talk about market conditions as well as what to expect during the buying process and this very exciting time in your life!


Get Pre-Approved
Meet with a mortgage advisor. You will need your W2, pay stubs, 1099s, and bank statements. Once you are pre-approved, you will know the price range to focus your search on. Completing this step will allow you to have more negotiating power during the home buying process. 


The Search

You will search for homes within your specific parameters. You’ll be notified as soon as possible when a match hits the market. Your agent will set up showing appointments and tour homes. Through the process of elimination, we will find the home that best suits your lifestyle!

Writing the Offer
This is your formal proposal to the seller with your price and terms.


Believe it or not, buyers and sellers are not always on the same page.  I’m here to guide you not only on price, but also on the terms of the sale.




Buyer and seller have agreed to price and terms and you are now in a legally binding agreement with the seller.


Satisfying Contingencies

There are specific timelines and dates for the completion of tasks. During this time, inspections are scheduled, an appraisal is ordered and performed and you are reviewing the final numbers and terms of your loan with your lender.

Finalizing Ownership
Once you’ve approved inspections and reviewed your appraisal, it’s time to sign your closing disclosure. At this time you’ll wire funds to the title company and sign loan docs and escrow documents.



Closing Day!

Title sends your file to the county for recording. You receive your keys and take ownership of your new home!


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